CyPhrons - Code of the Ream 
Created, Produced, Written, & Graphic Design by R.L. Dunbar

Digital Cover Illustration by Hayward Meyers


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CyPhrons - Code of the realm is the backstory of the first book, "In Search of the Remnant".  It continues the full story about a super-secret-sci-fi-society about how humans finally discover a way to live forever and are in a race to keep it a secret. An epic story about hope, faith, and perseverance based upon a land once called E'Opia and living out it's last days to survive the future. It was once the cradle of humanity, but appears to be at the end of its time in crisis. The year is 2050 and the angels are crying... This eipic story is an anthology of 12 books.


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CyPhrons - Code of the Realm (Book #2)

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