Selome Tedasse

Selome Tadesse was born and raised in Axum and moved to A.A. She attended an all-girls school at St. Mary. And went to study journalism at the University of Belorussia where she was wrongfully accused of anti-revolutionary activities by the Derg and had to move to Germany, where she led the life of an asylum-seeking refugee for 15 months. Selome then moved to, Massachusetts through a church refugee resettlement organization and enrolled at Mount Holyoke College, graduating in International Relations. Following graduation, she moved to the city of Boston and joined the Ethiopian Community Centre as a Refugee Program Coordinator. Then moved to DC, where she joined the Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC). After the fall of Derg she returned to Ethiopia and joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Soon after she was appointed as a Press Counselor and sent to Washington DC to help set-up an Ethiopian Embassy.


After six years she returned to Ethiopia and became the first women manager at Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency, introducing the popular investigative journalism show "Aynachin". She was also appointed to serve as the Government spokesperson during the Ethio-Eritrea border war that occurred in 1998. After ERTA, she found the Network of Ethiopian Women's Association (NEWA) – an umbrella organization for associations engaged in addressing issues of women's rights in Ethiopia - becoming its first Executive Director. After two years she went and founded Emerge Consultancy and Training PLC through which she has provided leadership training for many organizations. One of her projects there was the Yegna project, which she describes as a space that provides girls a voice.


Selome is also renowned for mobilizing masses in the "Ande Birr le Ande Wogen" campaign that managed to raise Birr 12 million in cash and in kind for Ethiopian victims of famine. Very recently, Selome took a huge step and risk in the direction of political leadership by enlisting herself as an independent candidate in the 2015 national elections. “My passion in life is excellence and creating impact. Whatever it is one is doing, don’t be mediocre at it."

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